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Vegan Leather - The Fashionably Sustainable Cruelty-Free Option

By Ashley Woods

How did wearing and carrying the remains of animals turn from an act of survivalism into a fashion statement? This recognition is one aspect that led to the concept of vegan products, especially with vegan leather.

Plant-based living is taking the world by storm, and for a good reason. In a nutshell, veganism is the concept of not using any products derived from any animal, for the sake of our health, being cruelty-free, supporting the planet, and primarily, each other. 

It's more than choosing to omit animal products from the apparent meat and dairy industry. This lifestyle expands into beauty and cleansing products, to furniture clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each step in this direction makes much more of a positive impact than most of us realize. 

One of these incredible products is vegan leather. In 2018 the global leather goods market was valued at a 414 billion industry and expected to continue to rise in the name of comfort, specifically concerning shoes.

Brands like Teresa's Costa's Collection of cruelty-free Vegan Leather Shoes are making multiple positive impacts for the planet. Not only does she use vegan leather of top quality, but 5% profit goes directly to animal charities such as Peta, Farm Sanctuary & North Shore Animal League. Teresa is also hoping to open a new line with apple leather in the future!

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